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Historical Timeline


Maryland Agricultural College is chartered by the Maryland State Legislature.


Passage of the Morrill Land Grant Act provides federal funds to schools that teach agriculture, engineering, and military training. Consequently, military drum corps and bugle corps appear on campus.


Student bands and choirs are formed on campus, supplementing campus military ensembles.


The campus's formal Cadet Band is established.

Faculty Emeritus

The title of Professor Emeritus is conferred on select retired faculty who have made exceptional contributions to the University of Maryland and met the highest standards during their tenure.

H. Robert Cohen, Professor, Musicology

Shelley Davis, Associate Professor, Musicology

Evelyn Elsing, Professor, Strings

Gerald Fischbach, Professor, Strings

The Board of Visitors


The Board of Visitors assists the School of Music's administration with strategic planning and fundraising to support scholarships and development opportunities. The School is proud to acknowledge and thank its current Board members:


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