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UMD Orchestras

David Neely, Director of Orchestral Activities

Mark Wakefield, Ensembles Manager


UMD Orchestras

UMD Symphony Orchestra — The University of Maryland Symphony Orchestra (UMSO) is one of the nation's finest collegiate orchestras, a progressive ensemble on the cutting edge of 21st-century orchestral performance experience for audiences and members alike.

In addition to its ongoing search for ways to vitalize the presentation of classical music in concert, UMSO is revisiting the traditional relationship between conductor and orchestra as well as the orchestra member's relationship to the music they play. Through this path of exploration, our program hopes to uncover a renewed depth of meaning from the repertoire for orchestra written throughout the ages. In the UMSO, we base our work on the bedrock of chamber music playing which forms an essential feature of life at the University of Maryland School of Music. Learn more about the UMSO.

UMD Wind Orchestra — The University of Maryland Wind Orchestra primarily consists of advanced music majors performing the most challenging works for small wind and percussion ensembles. The Wind Orchestra rehearses on the same schedule as the UMD Symphony Orchestra, enabling the exchange of players between the two groups as dictated by repertoire demands. The Wind Orchestra is led by Michael Votta, Director of Bands. Learn more about the UMWO.

UMD Repertoire Orchestra — The University of Maryland Repertoire Orchestra is a unique all-campus orchestra open to music majors and non-music majors alike, as well as UMD faculty and staff. The ensemble performs three full concerts per academic year, as well as occasional performances at the campus-wide celebration of Maryland Day. Led by two members of the graduate conducting studio, the orchestra meets for rehearsal twice per week. Repertoire varies based on instrumentation and consists of works for chamber and full orchestra. Learn more about the Repertoire Orchestra.