Students and audiences will experience the composer’s complex musical range.   Kurt Weill is one of the most influential American composers of the twentieth century. He also happened to be an immigrant to the U.S., fleeing Nazi Germany in 1933 after riots broke out at his performances and propaganda campaigns warned against attending his productions.  
Physical Therapist, Howard Nelson and Internationally Renowned Violinist, Pamela Frank will present a class titled, "Don't Let This Happen to You: Pamela Frank's Case Study."
Join Glenda Goodman on September 14 at 4PM in Leah M. Smith Hall for a lecture titled, "Promiscuous Protest Songs: Radicalism and Repression in the Revolutionary Age."
Samantha Flores (MM, Cello) and Matthew Rynes (DMA, Clarinet) are wrapping up a meaningful year living at Collington, sharing music and friendship with the residents. Read coverage of this amazing partnership in the New York Times and check out this clip from WJLA!