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Ms. Barbara S. Walters

Barbara is a chemistry instructor in the University of Maryland College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences.  She lectures in general, organic, and engineering chemistry and is credited with introducing lab report forms in general chemistry courses.  Barbara has served on the Faculty Senate Committee for Faculty Affairs.

Ms. Anne Turkos

Anne graduated from Dickinson College, where she studied English literature and developed a keen interest in archives. Before arriving in College Park, Anne worked for four years in the Baltimore City Archives and Record Center. Anne joined the staff of the University of Maryland Libraries in 1985. She worked in the Office of Special Collections and was promoted to University Archivist in 1993. She is the first woman to hold this title in the University's history.

Ms. Sheila Mahaffy

Sheila is an alumna of the University of Maryland with a degree in Human Ecology/Management. She is married to Dr. Raymond Mahaffy, who is a dentist with a practice in Lanham. He completed his undergraduate degree at Maryland and concentrated in the pre-dental program through the School of Chemistry, Mathematics, and Natural Science.  The couple's daughter Lynn also graduated from Maryland in 1995 and received her degree in biology from CMNS.


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