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Music Theory & Composition


Bachelor of Music

Applications for the theory major are accepted from students who are already a part of the School of Music. Students new to the School of Music should apply for either a performance or education major with their major instrument. See the applicable audition entrance audition requirements here. Once in the School of Music, then you may speak with the theory faculty about becoming a theory major.



Bachelor of Music

  1. Requires advanced comprehension of music theory.
  2. Applicants must audition on their principal performing instrument. See the applicable entrance audition requirements here. Applications whose principal instrument is piano should follow the audition requirements as stated for the Bachelor of Arts degree.
  3. Please submit a portfolio of 3-5 scores (required) and recordings (highly recommended) that represent your most recent work in music composition. The portfolio should demonstrate an awareness of contemporary compositional techniques and the ability to work in a variety of media.

    The compositions must be submitted electronically as part of the music application.  

Audition notifications will be sent via email on or before December 20, 2019.  

Undergraduate Audition Requirements

Topics:  Jazz Studies  |  Piano  |  String  |  Voice  |  Wind & Percussion  |  Music Education  |  Music Theory & Composition