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UMD School of Music Event Poster Style Guide and Best Practices



Posters must contain the following information:

I. Text

  1. List name of ensemble or series (ex. “Music Scholars Lecture Series” or “UMD Symphony Orchestra”), directly above the event title.
  1. Event Title, listed directly under name of ensemble or series
  1. Music director(s), guest speakers, and artists as appropriate

Ex: Chris Gekker, trumpet
Michael Votta, conductor

  1. Day of week, date, time, complete hall name/room name, and building location
  1. If the event is free and/or ticketed
  1. A short, one- to two-sentence description of the event

Ex: Violin professor James Stern and pianist Audrey Andrist take a musical cruise from Vienna to Bratislava to Budapest to Bucharest. Featuring works by Schubert, Dohnányi, Bartók and Enescu.

  1. One URL that points to the event description

*Please create a custom, tiny URL using *



II. Logo

  1. Please use choose one of the UMD School of Music logos located here in Dropbox.
  2. I suggest using one of the PNG files (there is a color option and a black and white option) so that you have a transparent background instead of a white box around your logo.
  3. Care should be taken to leave adequate space surrounding the logo.

III. Images

  1. Use a compelling high-resolution (at least 300 dpi) image or design that represents the event.
  2. Images should be in the public domain.

IV. Formatting 

Images, text and logos should be proportional and should not appear stretched or grainy. There should not be a visible white box around the logo (use a PNG or Vector file).

      Not acceptable 



Helpful Design Resources

I. Canva: Free graphic design software website that helps you create posters, social media graphics, flyers and more.

II. Pixlr: Free online photo editor (like Adobe Photoshop)

III. Creative Commons Search: Access free images in the public domain.

IV. Adobe Photoshop, InDesign: Downloadable for free here for UMD students and employees.

V. School of Music photos: If you wish to access School of Music original photos, please contact

View a sample poster that adheres to the poster style guide


I. Proofread your work. Does your poster include all that's required?

II. Send for approval. Please send your completed poster to for approval.

III. Send to print.