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Musicology & Ethnomusicology Division

Rachel Ace, MA program, Musicology
19th-century American popular song, rock, gender and queer theory

Evangeline Athanasiou, MA program, Musicology
Handel, the late Baroque period, opera and art song performance practices

Joshua Bermudez, PhD program, Musicology
20th-century music, the compositional process, performance practice

Maya Cunningham, MA program, Ethnomusicology
African diasporic musics in Latin America; West/Central African music; identity

Sarah England, PhD program, Musicology
Harold Arlen, American popular music from the Golden Age of Song, race and gender studies

Nathanial Gailey-Schiltz, PhD program, Ethnomusicology
Japanese music, music and conflict, masculinity studies

Víctor Hernández-Sang, PhD program, Ethnomusicology
Afro-Caribbean ritual music, music and migration, folklorization

Benjamin Jackson, PhD program, Ethnomusicology
Jazz, music and social space, Argentina

Jennifer Kobuskie, PhD program, Musicology
20th-century music, American music, criticism

Robert Lintott, PhD program, Musicology
20th-century music, time and music, popular music

Elizabeth Massey, PhD program, Musicology
English popular ballads, music and religious conflicts, nationalism

Simon Polson, PhD program, Musicology
chant; medieval liturgical music and practice; books and sources for the liturgy

Alice Rogers, PhD program, Ethnomusicology
United States, music and protest, popular music

Rachel Ruisard, PhD program, Musicology
Troubadour and trouvère song, orality and literacy, medieval court culture

William Donnie Scally, PhD program, Ethnomusicology
Jazz, transnational musical practices, and jazz and popular music historiography

Anne Stickley, MA program, Musicology
20th and 21st-century music, American music, opera

Julia Topper, PhD program, Ethnomusicology
Japanese traditional and contemporary music, theater traditions, Irish step dance and music

Andrea Vercoe, MA program, Ethnomusicology and Material Culture and Museum Scholarship Certificate
Performativity in Middle Eastern art music, organology, trance and spiritual possession musics

Patricia Vergara, PhD program, Ethnomusicology
Colombian music, popular music, Brazil

Jennifer Weyman, MA program, Musicology
Early 20th-century music, vocal music, Ivor Gurney

Maxwell Yamane, MA program, Ethnomusicology
American indigenous groups, powwows, Southern Plains music

Hyunjin Yeo, PhD program, Ethnomusicology
Korean music, gender, commodification