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Ethnomusicology & MusicologyTechnology Lab

The Ethnomusicology & Musicology Technology Lab (Room 3112) in the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center is a state-of-the-art facility for ethnomusicological and musicological research, publication and media production. The lab is equipped with portable audio and video recording devices, a complete post-production audio and video hardware suite, and four computer workstations for student and faculty use.

The lab's post-production studio environment can handle most world audio and video formats. The computer workstations include a dual quad-core Intel Macintosh, a second Macintosh, a Windows workstation and a Linux workstation. The workstations use a cross-platform core of powerful open-source audio, video and image-processing software, and additional platform-specific industry-standard software. All workstations also include score-editing software. The lab provides tools for students and faculty to create CDs, DVDs, web sites, presentations, research papers and scores.

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