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Applying for a Graduate Degree in Music Education

The preferred deadline for applicants wishing to be considered for assistantship funding is January 15, 2020. All graduate applicants in Music Education must be submitted by March 1, 2020. For specific admissions questions, please contact Dr. Michael Hewitt.

In addition to submitting your School of Music application, all graduate applicants must also apply to the UMD Graduate School. For a step-by-step list of Graduate School application procedures, click here. You will need to use the four-letter program code: MUED.

Doctor of Philosophy in Music Education

The Ph.D. in Music Education was re-designed for music educators who would like to pursue research and prepare future music teachers for work in K-12 classrooms. The degree, which includes a rigorous sequence of courses and colloquia both within and beyond the School of Music, can be completed in as few as three years of full time enrollment. The music education faculty is particularly excited about the interdisciplinary nature of the degree, which will allow students to explore and specialize in fields relevant to their areas of interest and current trends in music education.

Applicants to the Ph.D. in Music Education must submit the following:

  1. GRE scores (less than 5 years old) 

  2. Personal statement (500-1,000 words) - From your perspective on the current state of music education in the United States, what do you see as the greatest challenge(s) facing the profession, and how do you anticipate that your doctoral studies in music education at the University of Maryland will equip you to become a leader on these issues?

  3. Academic Writing Sample: Please provide a sample of your past scholarly work. This could be a course assignment, project, or thesis from your Master’s degree.

  4. Teaching video: Please upload a 15-30 minute unedited video clip of your recent K-12 music teaching experience. The video should be representative of your typical teaching practice, and demonstrate your musicianship as well as the developing musicianship of your students. 

Masters Programs in Music Education

The Master of Music in Music Education degree is designed for qualified graduate students holding a Bachelor of Music who are seeking a professional degree in music education that culminates with a final project. Applicants who are considering pursuing doctoral study in music or music education after the Master's degree might instead prefer the Master of Arts in Music Education program. All Master's degree applicants in music education should complete the following requirements. Tracking into the MM or MA program will be determined in consultation with Music Education faculty following admission to the University and the School of Music. For all Master's of Music Education applicants, evidence of at least two years of classroom teaching experience is highly desirable.

All masters music education applicants must submit the following (please find more detailed application information here):

  1. Transcript(s) from all undergraduate institutions
  2. Three letters of recommendation
  3. Resume/Curriculum Vitae
  4. Brief essay (500-750 words) describing your teaching philosophy and methodologies
  5. Teaching/rehearsal video (15-20 minutes, unedited), with accompanying lesson plan


Apply for a graduate program in Music Education


Graduate Audition Requirements

Topics:  Conducting  |  Jazz Studies  |  Piano  |  String  |  Voice/Opera  |  Wind & Percussion  |  Music Education  |  Music Theory & Composition  |  Musicology & Ethnomusicology