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Graduate Audition Info

Please Note: We are accepting applications for our String Quartet Fellowship program for the Fall 2020 semester!

Graduate Audition and Application Requirements

Majors:  Conducting  |  Jazz Studies  |  Piano  |  String   |  Voice/Opera  |  Wind & Percussion  |  Music Education  |  Music Theory & Composition  |  Musicology & Ethnomusicology | Woodwind Quintet Fellowship | String Quartet Fellowship

International applicants: The School of Music’s English proficiency requirements are different than the university’s requirement. Graduate applicants who are not native speakers of English must submit a passing TOEFL score in order to be scheduled for an audition. This requirement will be waived for applicants who have earned an undergraduate degree from an institution in the United States or another approved English-speaking country. Waivers will only be granted if at least three years of the undergraduate education took place at an English-speaking institution. Graduate degrees or performance certificates or diplomas will not exempt an applicant from submitting a passing TOEFL score. Please go here for more specific information.

The School of Music will allow all graduate applicants whose overall TOEFL score is 90 or higher to audition, but in order to be considered for admission a fully passing TOEFL score must be submitted no later than February 15, 2020. Auditions will not be scheduled for applicants with an overall TOEFL score lower than 90.

Pre-Screen Requirements

Flute, Clarinet, Conducting, Solo Piano, Collaborative Piano, and Voice

Required Repertoire: Please refer to the Graduate Audition requirements in your respective area for the required repertoire.

All prescreen materials should be submitted electronically with your music application. Our application and prescreen recording deadline for graduate applicants is December 1Audition notifications will be sent via email on or before December 20, 2019. 

Admission Requirements

The University of Maryland Graduate School requires that all incoming graduate students have an undergraduate cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 (on a four-point scale). The School of Music will petition for waiver of this requirement only in extraordinary circumstances. Students interesting in applying to the School of Music with an undergraduate GPA of less than 3.0 should be sure to submit fall grades and consider retaking any music or writing courses in which a grade of B- or lower was earned.

In most cases, graduate admission to the School of Music requires an undergraduate degree in music. A waiver of this requirement may be granted in extraordinary circumstances, but the applicant should be prepared to demonstrate the equivalent of an upper-level, undergraduate competency in music theory and music history. The graduate program in ethnomusicology does consider applicants who have earned undergraduate degrees in related fields.

Audition Dates

Auditions are held each year in January for the upcoming fall semester. Not all instruments will audition on all days; for specific dates, see the main Audition Information page.


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