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The three classical bass teachers at UMD are gifted players with extensive professional experience. They each currently hold prestigious positions in the orchestral world. Together, they form a top-notch team of classical bass teachers, and they’re dedicated to providing superior instruction while guiding students on their musical “journey", wherever it may take them.

If you are considering applying to UMD, please stop by for a trial lesson with one (or all) or our bass teachers.

Ask the Masters

Do you have a question pertaining to bass playing for Mr. Oppelt, Mr. Barber, or Mr. Manzo? Please contact us! We're happy to answer your inquiry and post it here to be shared with the bass-playing community.


Hi Bob:

If you have time, I have a question about right hand bowing technique. Particularly, how do you articulate various types of fast passages?


The percussion program offers many opportunities for students to perform in several different ensemble arrangements. The numerous small and large ensembles available in the School of Music ensure that students receive a well-rounded performance education.


In addition to what's below, we also have a large inventory of crash and suspended cymbals, 5 sets of concert toms, over 40 assorted gongs and tam-tams, 3 octaves of almglocken, multiple tambourines, triangles, woodblocks and temple blocks, roto-toms, log drums, Latin instruments and even a complete instrumentation for our Gamelan ensemble.


The exceptional percussion faculty at UMD consist of principal leaders of the National Symphony Orchestra and international recording and touring artists.


*We are now accepting DMA Applications*

Admission to the School of Music Percussion Studio is a two-step process. Undergraduate applications should be postmarked November 1 or earlier. Graduate applications should be postmarked December 1 or earlier. Learn more about the application process.

Undergraduate Audition Requirements

Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Music Education

Snare Drum


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