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General Advising/Registration Policies & Procedures

All students accepted into a degree program in the UMD School of Music are assigned a faculty advisor based on their major degree program. It is the School's policy that an advising session with a Music advisor is mandatory before registering for each semester.

Music students can expect a School of Music advisor to:

Major Change to Music

Admission into the UMD School of Music is based solely on a performance audition before a faculty committee. Auditions are held in January for entrance in the following fall semester. To view admissions information, please refer to the Admission page.

Advising is generally reserved for students already admitted into the School of Music. Specific information about bachelor degree requirements can be found in the Undergraduate Handbook.


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Degree Recitals - Student Recital Programs

1. Download and complete the Student Recital Program Template.

It is a Microsoft Word form document. Enter your information into the shaded fields (i.e. name, instrument, program, etc.). Use the tab button to move from field to field. Delete any fields that are not applicable to your performance, such as accompanist or additional instructions (these fields will not print in gray even though they remain gray while on screen).

Degree Recitals

The UMD School of Music presents over 150 student degree recitals each year. These public, mandatory recitals demonstrate advanced musical proficiency and fulfill undergraduate and graduate degree requirements.

2018 - 2019 Degree Recital Scheduling 


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