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Students explore the influence of jazz on American cultural life at the David C. Driskell Center

Thu, Apr 04, 2013

Musicology professor Patrick Warfield’s course “Popular Music in Black America” traces the internal development and influence of African American popular music from the Middle Passage to the early 20th century with a special focus on spirituals, ragtime, the blues, early jazz, R&B, Motown, funk, soul and rap.

For one of his classes, Dr. Warfield and his students explored how jazz performance influenced American cultural life at the David C. Driskell Center’s Center’s current exhibition, “Convergence: Jazz, Films, and the Visual Arts”. The exhibition, which will be on display through May 31, features more than 70 works by innovative artists and filmmakers, mostly African Americans, whose works depict and/or are influenced by Jazz music and culture. “Convergence” offers intimate expressions of sound and imagery that explore the depths of African American visual arts and demonstrate the complexity of American visual culture.