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New Lights

"Each piece was like a skit, choreographed with movement, lighting changes, spoken word, and singing. In a way, this concert was a return to a time when classical music was popular music; when concerts were more of a happening or to-do; when the lines between music, entertainment, and theater were more blurry; and when the rules of audience etiquette were less fine-tuned and more laissez-faire. Most importantly, it was classical music, and it was fun." -Sophia Vastek, Ionarts, 2011

The New Lights Initiative gives NOI participants the opportunity to re-envision classical music concert experience. Through unconventional performance practices, other artistic disciplines and technology, participants design innovative, one-of-a-kind performances that are relevant to modern audiences.

The New Lights concert is presented during the final week of NOI.

Previous New Lights activities include:

  • Movement workshops with noted choreographer and MacArthur "Genius Grant" recipient Liz Lerman.
  • Children's concerts designed by NOI participants that featured musical interpretations of beloved children's books, as well as Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf.
  • Seminars on improvisation.