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Musicology & Ethnomusicology Division

Maya Cunningham, MA program, Ethnomusicology
African diasporic musics in Latin America; West/Central African music; identity


Alexander Devereux, MA program, Musicology
music and narrative, 20th-century music, documentary genres


Sarah England, PhD program, Musicology
Harold Arlen, American popular music from the Golden Age of Song, race and gender studies


Nathanial Gailey-Schiltz, PhD program, Ethnomusicology
Japanese music, music and conflict, masculinity studies


Víctor Hernández-Sang, PhD program, Ethnomusicology
Haiti and the Dominican Republic, music and migration, race relations


Benjamin Jackson, PhD program, Ethnomusicology
Jazz, music and social space, Argentina


Jennifer Kobuskie, PhD program, Musicology
20th-century music, American music, criticism


Elizabeth Massey, PhD program, Musicology
English popular ballads, the English Baroque, nationalism


Briana Nave, MA, program, Musicology
Rock, music and identity, counterculture


Kevin O'Brien, PhD program, Musicology
Christian sacred music of all eras, medieval and renaissance music, historically informed performance practice


Simon Polson, PhD program, Musicology
chant; medieval liturgical music and practice; books and sources for the liturgy


Alice Rogers, PhD program, Ethnomusicology
United States, music and protest, popular music


Rachel Ruisard, PhD program, Musicology
Troubadour and trouvère song, orality and literacy, medieval court culture


William Donnie Scally, PhD program, Ethnomusicology
Jazz, transnational musical practices, jazz and popular music historiography


Heyni Solera, MA program, Ethnomusicology
Tango, bandoneon, pedagogy, medical ethnomusicology


Victoria Visceglia, MA program, Ethnomusicology
American music, music and tourism, regional identity


Mariángel Villalobos, PhD program, Ethnomusicology
Central America, music and gender, music and migration


Meghan Walsh, MA program, Musicology
nineteenth-century Italian opera, twentieth-century American popular music


Maxwell Yamane, MA program, Ethnomusicology
Powwows, Kiowa music, music and conflict


Xiaoshan (Ilsa) Yin, PhD program, Ethnomusicology
Chinese music: the guqin, music revival, transformation of tradition