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Hire a Musician


Need to hire a musician or ensemble to perform at an event? Interested in learning to play an instrument? The UMD School of Music provides a semesterly register of students performers and instructors for hire.

To employ student musicians for performance or instruction, consult the lists of candidates below. All inquiries, arrangements, and payments are to be made directly between the client and the musician(s). Rates and availability will vary.

Students wishing to qualify for inclusion on these lists should speak with their instructors.

NOTE: In accordance with University and State of Maryland policy, facilities of the UMD School of Music and the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center may not be used for personal gain. Private lessons must be held off-premises.

2017-2018 Teacher and Performer List

SOPRANO Sequina DuBose D.M.A. Vocal Pedagogy 410.241.9492
  Daphine Henderson B.M. Double Bass Performance 240.346.9206  
  Jennifer Piazza-Pick D.M.A Performance 210.488.7636  

Bonnie Alger

D.M.A. Conducting 860.946.3327  
  Lori Sen D.M.A. Performance 917.704.2676
BARITONE Rolfe Dauz D.M.A Voice/Opera 925.200.4134
PIANO Alex Chan D.M.A. Collaborative Piano 301.222.3050  
  Marcus Daniel M.A. Music Education 301.335.5703
  Wanching Liu D.M.A. Performance 317.703.9772
  Josiah Stocker D.M.A. Collaborative Piano 360.464.7286  
  Ying-Shan Su D.M.A. Collaborative Piano 423.310.5781  
  Lauren Tokunaga M.M. Performance 808.349.1961  

Shuai Wang

D.M.A. Performance 440.320.1516  
  Barret Wilber M.M. Collaborative Piano 707.338.5751  
  Ieseul Yoen D.M.A. Collaborative Piano 917.488.2362  
  Jung-Yeon Yim D.M.A. Performance 714.944.4404  
  Hanni Zhang D.M.A. Performance 814.321.1217  

Bonnie Alger

D.M.A. Conducting 860.946.3327  

Duo Shen

D.M.A. Performance 302.753.3210  
  Benedict Sin D.M.A. Performance 573.256.9057  
  Ava Shadmani M.M. Performance 240.758.0077  
VIOLA Kimia Hesabi Amnieh D.M.A. Performance 865.919.2226  
  Hannah Dara M.M. Performance 864.346.7189  

Tim MacDuff

D.M.A. Performance 518.321.7100  
CELLO Peter Franklin B.M. Performance 240.418.4168  
  Samantha Flores M.M. Performance 309.922.6886
  Pecos Singer D.M.A. Performance 505.501.1517
  Peter Swanson M.M. Performance 218.340.9109

Morgan Daly

M.M. Performance 516.732.9111  
  Daphine Henderson B.M. Performance 240.346.9206  
TRUMPET Justin Drisdelle B.M. Performance 860.836.1875  
  Ross McCool M.M. Performance 443.934.8889  
  Luke Spence D.M.A. Performance 443.845.5437
TUBA Nicholas C. Obrigewitch M.M. Performance 410.218.0409  

Natasha Costello

M.M. Performance 443.624.8239  
  Megan Gryder B.M. Performance 301.802.5574
  Naomi Harrow M.M. Performance, Wavelength Winds 585.905.6625  
  Yeji Oh M.M. Performance 408.600.4789
  Cristian Dohler Rodas B.M. Performance 301.785.4451
  Pyero Talone D.M.A. Performance 307.761.9194  
OBOE/ENGLISH HORN Sarah Balzer D.M.A. Performance 224.392.0716  
  Lydia Consilvio D.M.A Performance, Wavelength Winds 774.272.5695
  Angela Kazmierczak B.M. Performance 716.946.9636



CLARINET Melissa Morales D.M.A. Performance, Quintet 985.774.5512
  Natalie Groom D.M.A. Performance, Wavelength Winds 501.920.5215
JAZZ GUITAR Nicholas Vassar M.M. Jazz Performance 304.654.6425  
CONDUCTING Bonnie Alger D.M.A. Conducting 860.946.3327  

Shen Yiwen

M.M. Orchestral Conducting 845.389.5172


Daphine Henderson B.M. Double Bass Performance 240.346.9206