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Dr. Dora Hanninen, Assoc. Professor of Music Theory, gives analysts a new framework for interpreting music in her new book

Tue, Jan 29, 2013

In December of 2012, Dr. Dora Hanninen, Associate Professor of Music Theory, saw the publication of her book A Theory of Music Analysis: On Segmentation and Association Organization by the University of Rochester Press as part of its Eastman Studies in Music series. Rather than a methodology, Dr. Hanninen's book provides analysts precise language and a broad, flexible conceptual framework through which they can formulate and investigate questions of interest and develop their own interpretations of individual pieces and passages.

The book has already served as a central text in graduate theory seminar at Florida State University in Spring of 2012, and excerpts will be included in graduate courses at Indiana University and the Eastman School of Music this spring. 

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