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FAME Summer Music Technology Program

For students interested in careers in music composition, recording or production, the FAME Summer Music Technology Camp is a dream come true.

William Evans and Mike Maddox, co-directors

In a small class size of 16, students become immersed in a comprehensive, modern, technology-rich, creativity-based learning environment, which is not typically accessible during the regular school year. The training transcends beyond occupations, helping youth gain skills for advanced placement in schools and employment in technology, as well as inspiring them to achieve. This Program is in partnership with UMD School of Music.

Activity Highlights

Students will: 

  • Explore cutting edge recording software 
  • Experiment with music composition
  • Develop proficiency in computer technology
  • Produce finished CD and MP3 files to share digitally and publish online
  • Enjoy master classes with recording artists, engineers and/or producers
  • Be introduced to the business of music. 
  • Learn about education and career opportunities in music
  • Learn propoer use of social media and other online tools, and much more! 

The program culminates with a showcase of the students' creative projects. 

FAME Music Technology Summer Camp


Hear student work:



Application Information

February 1: Applications open. There is an application fee of $25.

April 4: Applications close.

Click here to apply and for additional information. 


FAME - The Foundation for the Advancement of Music and Education 
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The FAME Summer Music Programs are made possible in part by

Prince George’s County Council ǀ University of Maryland School of Music

PEPCO ǀ Roland Corporation ǀ Washington Music Center