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Maryland Opera Studio: New Works Initiative

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The Maryland Opera Studio is committed to commissioning and producing new operas. Through workshops and fully-staged productions of new works, students learn about the compositional process.




Februrary 2019 ** Upcoming World Premiere**
Music and Libretto by Elisabeth Mehl Greene
Februrary 2018
Town Hall
Composed by Theo Popov
Libretto by E.M. Lewis
Februrary 2017
The Young King
Composed by Martin Hennessy
Libretto by Tom Rowan
Februrary 2016
Another Country
Composed by Michael Oberhauser
Libretto by Shannon Berry
Februray 2015
A Family Reunion
Composed by Chris Patton
Additonal Music by George Fulginiti-Shakar
Libretto by William Moses
February 2014
Composed by Jack Perla Libretto by Rob Bailis
Composition & Libretto by Derrick Wang
February 2013
Romeo and Juliet
Composed by Lee Hoiby Libretto by Mark Shulgasser
February 2012
Composed by Ronald Perera Libretto by Constance Congdon
The Last Act of Revolution
Composed by Evan Meier Libretto by Lucas Richmond
February 2011
Reading Lolita in Tehran
Composed by Elisabeth Mehl Greene
Spring 2010
Shadowboxer – World Premiere Commission Composed by Frank Pronto Libretto by John Chenault Premiere in 2010, workshopped in 2009, 2008
Spring 2008
Ordinary People
Composed by Robert Chumbley
Composed by Altin Volaj
Fall 2007
Later the Same Evening – World Premiere Commission Composed by John Musto Libretto by: Mark Campbell
The Newport Rivals
Composition & Libetto by Kirke Mechem
Spring 2004
Clara – World Premiere Commision Composed by  Robert Convery Libretto by Kathleen Cahill
Ssbaji – Composed by Ye Sung Lee Libretto by Laura Harrington
Fall 2003
Fatal Song/A Tale of Two cities: Paris and Berlin in the Twenties
Composed by Jeffrey Watson Libretto by Kathleen Cahill
Fall 2001
Pope Joan
Composed by John Musto Libretto by Denice Lanctot
Spring 2001
Composed by Daniel Catán
Fall 1989
Composed by Roger Ames