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UMD Women's Chorus

Kenneth Elpus, Conductor

The University of Maryland Women's Chorus was founded in 2001 and has become an active and integral part of the choral program. One of the most popular ensembles on campus, its repertoire spans all styles from classical to contemporary and its membership includes students from diverse fields of study.

The UMD Women's Chorus performs frequently throughout the semester, on tour and on campus, often collaborating with the Men’s Chorus. The Women’s Chorus also performs at various venues in the Washington DC/Baltimore metropolitan area, such as Saint Matthew’s Cathedral. In March 2007 the ensemble was invited to participate in an event sponsored by the Federal Triangle Partnership in honor of Women’s History Month.

Since 2005 the ensemble has annually presented the Celebration of Women’s Voices at the University of Maryland Memorial Chapel, a joint venture with the President’s Commission on Women’s Issues. This event often features female composers and includes the participation of advanced high school, college, and community women’s choirs.