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Music Education Division


The Music Education Division of the UMD School of Music offers programs of study leading to the BME degree, and the MM or MA degree in Music Education. 

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree is designed for qualified graduate students with an M.A. seeking a professional academic degree in Music that culminates with a final dissertation defense.

The PhD in Music Education program at the University of Maryland is currently undergoing significant improvement. The program is open to new students, however, at this time, interested applicants must contact a faculty member directly to initiate the application process.
The PhD in Music Education is designed for music educators who would like to pursue research and prepare future music teachers for work in K-12 classrooms. The degree, which includes a rigorous sequence of courses and colloquia both within and beyond the School of Music, can be completed in as few as three years of full time enrollment. The music education faculty is particularly excited about the interdisciplinary nature of the degree, which will allow students to explore and specialize in fields relevant to their areas of interest and current trends in music education.
For more information, or to apply, please contact a member of the music education faculty.

All programs are focused on developing reflective music educators and comprehensive musicians for leadership positions in a diverse society. We offer the advantages of a close-knit community within a comprehensive school of music, set in the context of a major state university and the surrounding Washington D.C. – Baltimore metropolitan area.






NAfME Collegiate Chapter #225
The purpose of NAfME Collegiate Chapter #225 at the UMD School of Music is to provide members with opportunities to view and understand various aspects of the Music Education profession. These opportunities are given so that members will be exposed to what it means to be a professional music educator.

The goals of the organization include:

  • Provide opportunities for professional development in the field of Music Education.
  • Acquaint students with the privileges and responsibilities of the Music Education profession.
  • Provide opportunities to become acquainted with the leaders in discussions, workshops, and performances planned by the chapter, state, and national music education organizations.
  • Assist other areas of the UMD School of Music in promotional projects or events throughout the year.

For information on membership, please contact Faculty Advisor Michael Hewitt at 301-405-5504.

Professional Activities

  • Professional Development Series
  • School/University Partnership Project
  • Charles Fowler Colloquium on Innovations in Arts Education
  • Graduate Student Forum
  • Publications
  • On-going Research Initiatives


Music Education Research Center
The Music Education Research Center (MERC, room 2130A) is a resource room located in the Music Education wing, conveniently neighboring the offices of Music Education faculty. The MERC room houses state-of-the-art multimedia and projection equipment, workstations on Macintosh and PC platforms, numerous method series, and other textbooks useful to undergraduate and graduate students of Music Education, plus ample space for meetings, classes, and seminars.


Music Education Student Teacher Application

Application for Admission to College of Education

Undergraduate Music Education Certification Deadlines

MD Department of Education Certification Requirements

Praxis Test Locations and Requirements by State

Click here to review the essential yearly deadlines for receiving your teaching certification.

Admission Requirements for Music Education

Fingerprint Guidelines

InTASC Core Teaching Standards

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