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Degree Recitals - Student Recital Programs

1. Download and complete the Student Recital Program Template.

It is a Microsoft Word form document. Enter your information into the shaded fields (i.e. name, instrument, program, etc.). Use the tab button to move from field to field. Delete any fields that are not applicable to your performance, such as accompanist or additional instructions (these fields will not print in gray even though they remain gray while on screen).

*Please note: your program content must not exceed the space provided in the Student Recital Template. The publications office can only print the recital program. Additional content, such as translations, must be printed by the student.*

Download the Student Recital Program Template here.

2. Submit programs through the Recital Program Submission Form (below).

Submit programs in .DOC or .PDF format only. Save your document with Last Name followed by month (MM) and date (DD) of recital. For example: Doherty0228 (LastNameMMDD).

PODIO provides project management software you can build yourself.


3. Submit a hard copy draft of your Student Recital Program signed by your professor/instructor to the Publications Office in CSPAC Suite 3302.

The Publications Office cannot process your print request until after this signed draft is received. Submit your draft at least seven (7) working days prior to your recital. Signed drafts can be left in the mailboxes outside Suite 3302.

4. Complete the request form at least seven (7) working days prior to your recital.

The Publications Office is only open during normal business hours Monday through Friday. The Publications Office is not open during spring break, winter break, or University holidays. If your recital program is submitted within seven (7) days of your recital your request for printing may be denied.

All three previous steps must be completed at least seven (7) working days prior to your recital in order for the Publications Office to process your print request.

Corrections/Revisions The Publications Office is not responsible for completing or altering any Student Recital Program. Programs are printed as-is after submission.

To make changes to your program after your initial submission please complete a new online request, attach the revised document and check the REVISION box at the bottom of the form. It is still required that revisions are received at least seven (7) working days prior to your recital.