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Degree Recitals

The UMD School of Music presents over 150 student degree recitals each year. These public, mandatory recitals demonstrate advanced musical proficiency and fulfill undergraduate and graduate degree requirements.

Student Degree Recital Scheduling 

Here are some important things you should know about scheduling your degree recital:

1. Requests for recital and dress rehearsal times can be selected from the available slots shown HERE by completing this form. Recitals will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. Please do not e-mail or call requesting a confirmation receipt of your form, as this slows down the scheduling process.

2. Recitals can be scheduled any day of the week in either Gildenhorn Recital Hall or Ulrich Recital Hall between the first and last day of classes, with the exception of university-observed holidays. 

3. Upon requesting a recital time, the Scheduling Coordinator will send a tentative confirmation e-mail to both you and your studio teacher indicating which of your requested spots are being held for you. From that date you will have two (2) weeks to complete the scheduling process. Students who do not complete the process during this time will have to re-submit their request and their holds will be released.

4. Students are responsible for creating, printing and bringing their own recital programs. Download the program template here. You are welcome to use this template exactly as is or personalize it (select different fonts, resize text, etc.). Information you need to update is highlighted in yellow. Remember to remove all yellow highlight before printing. Depending on your version of Microsoft Word, you may need to select a different font or move text up or down pages to fit. Your program should be able to print on one piece of paper folded in half. When printing your programs, select double sided and "flip on short edge" or "short edge binding." Printing on "long edge" will cause the inside of your program to print upside down. Please note: the safety and emergency exit instructions on the back of the template are required by the fire marshall; do not remove them. 

5. All recitals requiring the use of a projector screen must be held in Gildenhorn Recital Hall. Recitals that require projectors are not possible in Ulrich Recital Hall. 

6. Questions? Check out the Recital Hall Policy Manual, or send an e-mail to the Scheduling Coordinator (Finance and Administration GA) at



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3800 Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center

School of Music Scheduling

Recitals held in School of Music facilities (such as Leah M. Smith Hall - Rm. 2200 and the Chorus Rehearsal Room - 2201) will not be supported by The Clarice staff nor receive technical assistance. These facilities may be scheduled through the School of Music Office free of charge for degree-required and non-degree recitals.

Recital Request Form for School of Music Spaces Below is the form in PDF format for reserving recitals in the Leah M. Smith Lecture Hall (2200) or the Choral Rehearsal Room (2201). Please return this form to the SOM Office (room 2110).

Leah M. Smith Lecture Hall and Choral Rehearsal Room Request Form

Luke Spence, Artistic Operations Assistant
2110 Clarice Smith Center
(School of Music main office)

Upcoming Recitals

For a list of upcoming student degree recitals, click here.