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Mr. John C. Cini


John is Chairman Emeritus and founder of Cini-Little, an international food service and hospitality consulting company headquartered in the Washington, DC suburbs. John and his wife Theresa, a University of Maryland alumna and former Board member, are both avid operagoers and music lovers. Both Cinis are graduates of the School of Hotel administration at Cornell University. The Cini family moved from New York to Potomac in 1963 when John was recruited by the Marriott Corporation, then known as the Hot Shoppes, to be director of their Kitchen Design Department. He left the Marriott Corporation in 1968 to form Cini-Little. On the Board, John has devoted his energies toward improving communications with the Alumni of the School and building strong Alumni relations, as well as serving as Vice Chairman. John has been a Board Member since 1995.