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Doctor of Musical Arts

The D.M.A. degree is designed for qualified graduate students with an M.M. in music seeking a professional degree in performance or composition that culminates with a final project (performance/dissertation).

The University of Maryland School of Music offers D.M.A. degrees in the following:

  • Composition
  • Conducting
    • Choral Conducting
    • Orchestral Conducting*
    • Wind Conducting*
  • Performance
    • Piano Solo
    • Collaborative Piano
    • String
    • Voice
    • Voice Pedagogy
    • Voice/Opera
    • Wind & Percussion

For specific policies and requirements in the above D.M.A. degrees, please refer to our most recent academic Graduate Handbook.

D.M.A. students generally complete the following:

Coursework completed before admission to candidacy:

  • Performance, Principal Medium Requirement (3 courses, 10 credits, 2 recitals)
  • Performance Related Courses Requirement (4 courses, 12 credits)
  • Academic Courses Requirement (3 courses, 9 credits)
  • Pass Preliminary Examinations

Coursework completed after admission to candidacy:

  • Dissertation (12-18 credits)
    Dissertation Options for Performance D.M.A. degrees:
    There are two dissertation options for a D.M.A. in Performance for all instruments, except vocal programs and choral conducting (vocal and choral conducting students should check individual programs for specified option):
    • Performance Dissertation Option: 3 recitals after admission to candidacy (18 credits).
    • Written Dissertation Option: 1 recital after admission to candidacy, plus a written dissertation (12 credits).


*NASM PLAN APPROVAL for this degree is in progress (Fall 2017).